Book the class of your choice. 

Make space and time to learn & create at your own pace. All of our lessons are customized to meet the needs of each student as they progress on their artistic journey. To help our students grow in their craft, we chart their progress and continuously provide guidance.

The credit system we offer is designed for students who wish to learn and create at their own pace, and they can choose any medium, as well as participate in workshops and modules offered by LACA - whether it is oil painting, watercolour painting, figure drawing, contemporary art, or art history lessons.

We offer class package credits to give you the flexibility to book slots at your own availability.

You have the option of choosing from these categories below:

1 Credit - $75

4 Credits - $280

12 Credits - $800 

24 Credits - $1550 

48 Credits - $3000 


What can these class package credits be used for?

These credits can be used in any of our teaser workshops, course modules, fine art programs irregardless of pricings.

How to book?

Select an available time slot and our team will contact you. For usage of credits, you can book your slots after every lesson to keep track of your remaining credits. Simply head to this page to book under the same credits you have chosen and you will be able to view your remaining credits at the top of your booking page.