Oil Painting Intermediate II offers students a closer look into the application of colour theory in painting and an in-depth study of artists such as Claude Monet or Camille Pissarro. Participants will get to learn how to effectively use paint to learn from the impressionists.

Techniques learnt include: Glazing, Impasto, Alla Prima

Confirmed students are invited to suggest themes of imitation 3 weeks in advance (see course info).

Through this course, participants will walk away with 3 paintings - 2 landscape paintings, 1 imitation painting.

All materials (paints, brushes, canvases) are provided. You are welcomed to bring your own materials.

Lesson Plan

Lesson 1: Ein Plein Air II: Buildings & Shophouses

Lesson 2: Imitation II: Monet's Painting

Lesson 3: Imitation II: Monet's Painting

Lesson 4: Imitation II: Monet's Painting

Lesson 5: Design your own Landscape II: Colour Studies

Lesson 6: Design your own Landscape II: Colour Studies

Commencement time and date will be discussed with you through email or private message before the first lesson.

Class size: Min. 2 pax to start, Maximum of 5 pax.

Duration: 2 hours each lesson

Who can join?

Students whom have taken Oil Painting Intermediate I Course.

How to book?

Select an available time slot or add a note of your preferred date/time during checkout and we will contact you.